recent files browser

I think have a pretty good prototype mockup going for the recent files browser, I've uploaded it to the wiki and am now working on the searching mockups.

Some of the changes are to increase the size of the file thumbnail to a larger, more recognizable size.  I also used the standard browse / search layout that we've used for most other systems because I want to keep some consistency in experience across these.  With the reused browser interface the description area gets filled with the selected file and options for opening it with different applications become available.  Right now I'm just expecting that the system nauiltus uses will be duplicated for knowing which applications should open which mime-types and which application is the default launcher.  Eventually I think we can also add some other nice things in this area like a [ Open in Google Documents ] option to files that we know can be opened in Google Docs.

Browsing the systems that provide the union of recent files is now located below the description area, this follows the standard layout of other windows.  If someone doesn't have a Google account registered on the system I'm planning on showing a [ + Add Google Docs Account ] button below the local files.  Below that I'm planning to have a Tools menu again, this one would probably open the Google Account (Docs) control dialog.  The Tools section will probably also have a direct button for opening search interfaces.

In the case of a search I'm planning on offering buttons and links for searching in alternate spaces inside the file listing area.  So when you search the current mockup for Mike and only get one results we could provide: "Search 'Mike' In...\n [ Tracker ]  [ Beagle ]  [ Google ]"  in a similar way that we offer the "Open With..." for files / applications.

~ Bryan

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