Re: online-desktop problem

On Fri, 2007-11-30 at 18:39 -0500, Ren-Shiou Liu wrote:
> Hello online-desktop gurus,
> I installed online-desktop, mugshot and bigboard these three packages on
> my machine (FC8). But the sidebar does not show up. I tried to start it
> manually from command line. It responded:
> Traceback (most recent call last):
> File "/usr/libexec/bigboard/", line 834, in <module>
> main()
> File "/usr/libexec/bigboard/", line 818, in main
> panel = BigBoardPanel(bus_name)
> File "/usr/libexec/bigboard/", line 427, in __init__
> self.__append_metainfo(metainfo, notitle=True)
> File "/usr/libexec/bigboard/", line 699, in load_image_hook
> pixbuf = theme.load_icon(img_name, 60, gtk.ICON_LOOKUP_USE_BUILTIN)
> gobject.GError: Icon 'bigboard-bulb-bw' not present in theme

Hm, strange.  How were you running it manually?  What version do you
have?  I have: bigboard-0.5.26-1.fc8 which seems to start OK.

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