ANN: NetworkManager 1.36.0 released

Hello there!

On behalf of the NetworkManager community, I am happy to announce a new
major release of NetworkManager: 1.36.0.

Find the tarball at our usual location:

  sha256: faa389c9e9ca78243cfab4a8bed6db132f82e5b5e66bb9d44af93379d1348398

To see what's new check the NEWS file:

or a short blog entry Thomas has written:

This release was possible thanks to the contributions of: Ana Cabral,
Andrew Zaborowski, Beniamino Galvani, Daniele Palmas, Fernando Fernandez
Mancera, James Hilliard, Justin Spencer, Lubomir Rintel, Nacho Barrientos,
Sam Morris, Thomas Haller, Tomohiro Mayama, Val Och, Wen Liang, xiangnian
and 流浪猫.

As always we extend our thanks and gratitude to wonderful quality engineers
at Red Hat whose enormous effort and test suite makes sure this release
works as promised: Vladimír Beneš, Filip Pokryvka, David Jasa, Matej and
Vitezslav Humpa.

Peace & Love,

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