dhclient-${IFNAME}.conf stopped working after upgrade FC32 -> FC34

Good day -

  On an FC32 x86_64 box, which I just successfully upgraded to FC34 ,
  now running NM 1.30.4-1.fc34.x86_64 :
  I had some custom dhclient configuration files, which used to be honored
  by NM - ie. they took effect before upgrade, but not after:


  which contain:

dhclient.ens1u2u4.conf :
interface "ens1u2u4" {
 send dhcp-client-identifier 34:48:ed:a8:7c:be;
 send host-name "jvdspc.jvds.net";
 supersede domain-name-servers;

dhclient.wlp59s0.conf :
interface "wlp59s0" {
 send dhcp-client-identifier 5c:80:b6:72:cb:7b;
 send host-name "jvdspc.jvds.net";
 supersede domain-name-servers;

  There are links to these files in /etc/dhclient-{ens1u2u4,wlp59s0}.conf , and
  /etc/dhclient.{ens1u2u4,wlp59s0}.conf .

  These files used to be merged in to the effective DHCP client
  configuration , on FC32, and all prior FC & RHEL releases I've used, in:
  , in use for each interface, which is written for each 'up' transition,
  but no longer.

  I have in /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf:


  I want to run my own ISC BIND caching nameserver,
  which serves some authoritative zones and some RPZ (response policy) zones ,
  and also tell any Dynamic DNS configured DHCP servers what I consider
  my domain name to be.
  I already had to disable systemd-resolved service after the upgrade, which also
  broke using my own nameserver.

  Please can anyone suggest how I can get this custom DHCP option content
  included in the effective ISC dhclient (v4) options , without
  hacking the source and building my own NetworkManager to write
  its dhclient.conf differently,  which would be my logical next step ?

  The command:
  $ nmcli c m $UUID 'DHCP4.OPTION+=supersede domain-name-servers=(' 

  does not let me add a 'DHCP4.OPTION[32]', though DHCP4.OPTION[0 ... 31]
  is listed in

  $ nmcli c s $UUID

  output - none of them are my custom dhclient-${ifname}.conf options

  It would be nice if there was some way to run a script to output
  the superseded domain-name-servers list to a file like:
  /etc/named-dns-forwarders.conf, which contains a named.conf
  'forwarders {  $domain_name_server ; }; ' statement, for
  my caching-only-nameserver, which has 'recursion' enabled,
  which I could include in my /etc/named.conf, but since my
  forwarders list does not change often, I can live with this.

Thanks in Advance for any helpful replies, Best Regards,



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