Re: Problems with OpenVPN client conf having several remotes

On Mon, 2021-06-14 at 17:52 +0000, Samuel Le Thiec via networkmanager-list wrote:
Hello again:)

I encountered two problems with an openvpn client conf having several remotes.

The first problem occurs when importing a openvpn client config having multiple remotes
mixing udp & tcp and using the "implicit udp syntax":

 $ grep ^remote openvpn.conf
 remote 53
 remote 1194 tcp

When imported in Network Manager, this translates to (in the vpn settings: Identity →
General → Gateway) :,,

When I try to enable the vpn connection, it goes back to being disabled immediately. Here
is the error message I can see in the journal:
 Options error: --explicit-exit-notify can only be used with --proto udp

Now, if I change the gateway vpn setting to:,,

Then, I can enable the vpn and it looks like it's working...


When I look closer, the fallback/try on the other remotes does not seem to work: on the
journal, I can see the tries on the first remote (IPv6, then IPv4), then I see this log

 Jun 14 19:44:31 nsfw nm-openvpn-serv[333567]: Connect timer expired, disconnecting.

This "fallback mechanism" works fine when invoking openvpn directly. Is there something
else to do to have it working with Network Manager?


I just would like to make sure this message does not get lost in the way.

Let me summarise it, I think there is two problems with the openvpn functionnality within Network Manager :
  1. When importing an openvpn config file: NM can't start a openvpn 'connection' with a remote using implicit UDP notation and a tcp (server1:port1 server2:port2:tcp) (see above)
  2. The fallback mechanism does not seem to work with NetworkManager, probably because it takes too long and NM tags the connection as failing: is there a way to force it to continue trying indefinitely?

Thank you,


Any help greatly appreciated!



PS: I'm using:

 $ NetworkManager --version

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