Bonding using nmcli for OVS

I have created an active-backup bond using nmcli under OVS.

nmcli conn add type ovs-bridge conn.interface Bridge0
nmcli conn add type ovs-port conn.interface Bond0 master Bridge0 active-backup
nmcli conn add type ethernet conn.interface enp0s9 master Bond0
nmcli conn add type ethernet conn.interface enp0s10 master Bond0

    Manager "unix:/var/run/vmware/nsx-agent/nsxagent_ovsdb.sock"
        is_connected: true
    Bridge Bridge0
        Port Bond0
            Interface enp0s10
                type: system
            Interface enp0s9
                type: system
    ovs_version: "2.14.1.rhel82.17993018"

[root@rhel82 system-connections]# ovs-appctl bond/show
---- Bond0 ----
bond_mode: active-backup
bond may use recirculation: no, Recirc-ID : -1
bond-hash-basis: 0
lb_output action: disabled, bond-id: -1
updelay: 0 ms
downdelay: 0 ms
lacp_status: off
lacp_fallback_ab: false
active-backup primary: <none>
active slave mac: 08:00:27:d1:ec:a0(enp0s9)

slave enp0s10: enabled
  may_enable: true

slave enp0s9: enabled
  active slave
  may_enable: true

 - How can I change the active slave?
   Something like this does not work (saw this as for non-OVS bond)
   nmcli connection modify Bond0 primary=enp0s10

   I don't see "options"
   [root@rhel82 system-connections]# nmcli device modify Bond0 ovs-port.    ovs-port.tag              ovs-port.lacp            ovs-port.vlan-mode  

Also, I need to modify options, such as


How can I modify these values after the bond is already created?


Abu Rasheda

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