wifi mac address randomization password involved

Attn: networkmanager-list

I am trying to set up wifi mac address randomization to be automatic. I have tried using NetworkManager and selecting "Random" in the space provided in the GUI. I tried setting up a "Unit" and scripts also in netctl and systemd. I can manually change the wifi setting in macchanger and it works, but will not stay that way after a reboot, and will only manually change after I "sudo macchanger -r  "my_network_interface_name"". The change in wifi always asks for a password. The wired connection, however, is perfectly automated using "macchanger -r  "my_network_interface_name"" alone. I'm familiar with sites like: https://www.fosslinux.com/15186/how-to-change-or-spoof-a-mac-address-in-ubuntu-and-linux-mint.htm
and have followed the directions. I'm open to new ideas. There was a recent change in Ubuntu OS for me to 20.04. Any help is appreciated.

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