Re: Make NetworkManager connection profiles without changing the current network configuration

On Tue, 2021-08-03 at 17:45 +0300, Andrei Borzenkov via networkmanager-
list wrote:
On 03.08.2021 17:38, Thomas Haller via networkmanager-list wrote:

Also, if you modify profiles via D-Bus API (which is what nmcli
then the configuration only take effect when activating the profile
next time. I mean, the profile changes immediately, but the current
network configuration does not. That means, even if a profile is
currently activated, you might be able to modify it, without
the runtime configuration of the interface yet.

Is it possible to see profile properties currently active on a
interface? Because nmcli displays configured properties even if they
changed and device was activated with older profile definition.

Currenly not.

You can call on the device GetAppliedConnection(), which gives the
settings as they were during the last activation (or during the last
Apply call). Theoretically, you could say, if that differs from the
profile, it changed.

That might be useful information, in particular, that would be good to
see in `nmcli device` output.

- if you modify a profile that is currently active, then the
"connection.metered" and "" take effect immediately,
unless you specify "no-reapply" flag for Update2 ([1]).

Is it possible to do it with nmcli?

Not at the moment. But would also be useful!


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