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On Sat, 2020-10-31 at 14:39 +0300, Annile Ennie via networkmanager-list 

How does one contribute!?

I was trying to send a merge request and am being notified that I am
not allowed to push code. 

Please advise. 


NetworkManager uses gitlab, and the way how to contribute is thus the
same as for all gitlab based projects.

Also, gitlab and github are rather similar in this, so if you are
already familiar with github, then it should be simple to understand
how to do it with gitlab.

This seems a good resource:

Additionally, you need to know that this is the gitlab instance for

... and you would need to login/register at

Also, I guess if you are not familiar with how to use git, then it
might be hard to grok the workflow. That is, a basic understanding for
git might be necessary. IMO, the way to learn git is "by using it" and
google for specific problems you have.


good luck,

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