Re: Modem authentication via the NM d-bus API - how to handle PUK?


What I could see so far is that the only thing one can provide to the modem
via NM is the PIN, that's it. PUK, PIN2, PUK2 are not known to NetworkManager
and remain completely unhandled.

My opinion is that PIN is the only thing that NetworkManager should
attempt to unlock, and that may already be a bit too much as well.
NetworkManager should not need to handle every possible thing that may
happen to modems, NetworkManager should have settings to "connect the
modem" and well, we can consider PIN as part of the connection
settings even if it's much much more (i.e.  a SIM-PIN locked modem
doesn't even register in the network). I'm not sure I like much the
idea of letting NM attempt SIM-PUK unlocks (using what new PIN, btw?)
as part of the settings to "connect the modem".

A better place to handle SIM-PIN locked status where SIM-PUK is
requested could be the "System settings" application, applicable to
the modem devices, or even gnome-shell triggered unlock dialogs (as we
did have with network-manager-applet in the GNOME2 days). I planned to
work on that myself some years ago, and I even talked to Allan Day
about how to handle that, but then totally forgot about it...

My 2 cents


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