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Hi Annile,

first a few points on what this project is and what it involves.
NetworkManager's documentation is made up of 3 parts (more or less),
we have auto-generated documentation for the DBus API and the manual pages, we
then have a (old) Wiki here[1] and a couple of tutorial on how to use libnm (a library to
interact with NetworkManager).

The scope of this project is to review and rework content that we have in the wiki and (possibly)
create new content for the new website that can be found (momentarily) at

This new website is statically generated using a tool called 'hugo' and versioned using git so that
contributors can create 'patches' for the website using Merge Requests on GitLab on the repo

Here's a few tool you might want to take a look at to understand how to contribute to the website:
- Markdown[1], the language in which we write content for the website
- Git[2], the version control software we use
- Hugo[3], the software used to generate the website
- GitLab[4], the platform to contribute content to the website

For a first task for the contribution phase, you can take a look here[5].

For any question, you can find us on the #nm channel on IRC and by email at networkmanager-list gnome org.



On Mon, Oct 12, 2020 at 1:58 PM Annile Ennie via networkmanager-list <networkmanager-list gnome org> wrote:
I am Annie, a new outreachy applicant, I chose this GNOME project as part of my contributing project. I love networking and probably my reason behind choosing this project. I am currently stuck on how to start and would really appreciate any help.

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