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On Thu, 2020-11-12 at 13:44 +0000, Victor Yeo via networkmanager-list

In network manager, what is the default value for security and radio
mode  ?  as well as default value for TX power, radio channel, radio
channel list ?


in NetworkManager, you create connection profiles (and activate them).

Connection profiles consist of many properties, that you see with
`nmcli connection show "$PROFILE"` (`man nm-settings`). A property is
always set, so there is no "default". And it was the client tool that
created the profile -- usually profiles are created by the user.

Actually, some properties have a special "default" value, where the
fallback value can be configured in NetworkManager.conf. See
"CONNECITON SECTION" in `man NetworkManager.conf`. But essentially the
value is still specified in the profile, and it merely says: look at
NetworkManage.conf to get the actual value.

If you use a client tool to create a profile (like calling `nmcli
connection add type ethernet`), then at that time a lot of default
values will be chosen. But it was still entirely up to the client tool
that you are using. E.g. in nmcli you could have specified those
properties right away. For example, if you open nm-connection-editor to
create a new profile, then the dialog will also be pre-populated with
default values -- depending on the tool.

OK, this wasn't a very useful answer so far :)

You ask about "security and radio mode" and " TX power, radio channel,
radio channel list". It's not clear what you mean there. There are some
related properties of connection profiles, like wifi.powersave,
wifi.tx-power, See `man nm-settings`.

What default these properties have, depends on how you configure the
profile when you create it (or whether the tool allows you to configure
them). But commonly, the default at that point is something that makes
sense (ie. not specify/restrict things). Check `nmcli connection show`.


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