Re: Need help porting ifcfg-ppp0 config to NetworkManager

Andrei Borzenkov <arvidjaar gmail com> wrote:

The same effect can probably be achieved by setting /128 local address
and adding /128 route to peer address.

Any suggestion as to what address I should set?  My address block is
2001:8b0:194::/48 if that helps.  I've tried setting a random one from that,
but it causes an error ("cif6addr: ioctl(SIOCDIFADDR): No such address" I
think - I can't try it just now).

I've also tried setting a route, but that didn't seem to work either
("sif6addr: ioctl(SIOCADDRT): Permission denied (line 2646)" I think was the

Further, NM doesn't allow me to specify a peer address ("ipv6 ," is the only
parameter that it will specify, with both addresses omitted), and I don't know
how to automatically retrieve the peer address from within the NM framework.


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