Re: Change IP address with libnm

On Tue, 2020-02-25 at 17:02 +0000, António Mendes wrote:
I tried to use the example add-connection-libnm-glib.c and adapt to
my case but without success...
I wanted to change an IP address from a connection already created
and add some 802.1X configurations.


add-connection adds a new profile.
Basically, what `nmcli connection add ...` does.

The example you refer to is about usage of libnm. So, the corresponding
API is nm_remote_connection_update2() ([1]). This maps to the D-Bus
call Update2 ([2]). This is what `nmcli connection modify ...` does.


As always, connection profiles in NetworkManager are really just a bunch of nested
dictionaries, that is the plain settings. There is no further logic involved, just
create a suitable profile. If you use libnm, you probably create the profile using the
NMConnection and NMSetting types. These represent the nested dictionaries.

After you modify a profile, you usually need to activate it so that your actual networking
configuration (`nmcli device`, `ip link`) changes.


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