Re: Need help porting ifcfg-ppp0 config to NetworkManager

Bjørn Mork <bjorn mork no> wrote:

Further, NM doesn't allow me to specify a peer address ("ipv6 ," is the
only parameter that it will specify, with both addresses omitted), and I
don't know how to automatically retrieve the peer address from within the
NM framework.

Note that you don't specify the peer address in your ifcfg file either.
pppd(8) documents it as

  ipv6 <local_interface_identifier>,<remote_interface_identifier>

and that's what it is.  These are input values for IPV6CP, which doesn't
negotiate addresses or routing. That's supposed to be configured the
same way as for any other IPv6 link: Using SLAAC and DHCPv6.  Which
makes IPv6 over PPP pretty different from IPv4 over PPP, but exactly the
same as IPv6 over anything else.

The negotiated interface identifiers will be combined with fe80::/64 to
create link local addresses and with any on-link prefixes advertised in

There is no IPv6 default route option either AFAIK.  But I believe it
would make sense to offer this as an alternatve in NM for cases where
the peer doesn't send any RA.  It is a pretty common use case.

Does that mean that I can't do what I need as things stand?

Or do I need to set up DHCPv6?  If that's the case, there's no MAC address to
key the address on.  Is it not possible to manually set a route?

Sorry about this,

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