Extending nm with a new device/connection type

we used systemd network service to create the vhost0 interface for contrail vrouter.
in rhel8 the service is not anymore but we still need to perform that task. first it
was decided to extend nm in the way similar to ovs integration but previous attempts
were rejected mainly because the vrouter kernel module and other tools employed in the
patch didn't meet the same requirements as the rest of the devices already supported
by the project.
ow we look for an option to extend nm by modules outside of its source tree. nm
uses a fixed list of settings/connections both inside the service and in the
cli application. both sides employ custom, sometimes sophisticated parameter
marshallers for these objects.
what is the preferable way to make the meta-data plugable both inside the service and
in cli from u pov or is there any other alternative approach u may suggest to create
and control a custom network device in rhel8 in the way similar to systemd network service in rhel7?

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