Re: Clarification on Network Manager - Implementing new configuration for T1S network device

On Tue, 2020-04-07 at 09:37 +0000, Parthiban.Veerasooran--- via
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Hi Team,
Good Day...! This is Parthiban from Microchip Technology.
This is regarding T1S network device configuration implementation in
Network Manager.
We have a plan to use the Network Manager as the network
configuration tool for T1S network device. We have some parameters
those needs to be configured in the phy device whenever the network
device is up. Those parameters should be visible in the user
interface applications like nmcli, nmtui and desktop GUI to configure
them and those needs to be configured in the phy device in the lower
So could you please reply to the below queries,
                1. Is the Network Manager allows this type of
configuration ?
                2. If yes to the above question then could you please
suggest how to do it ? since this configuration is required to access
phy layer to configure phy device.
                3. Is Network Manager has access to the phy layer ?
if yes then how to implement it ?
Please let me know it you need more information from my side. If it
is required I can even send you a pictorial representation of the


what parameters need to be configured?

can you show a shell script that sets up the desired configuration?

in principle, NetworkManager configures the interface using kernel API
like netlink, sysctl, ioctl (ethtool), etc. So, yes, NetworkManager
should be able to set all kinds of parameters, if implemented.


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