Re: hostname-mode : short vs fqdn name

On 4/9/20 10:59 AM, Beniamino Galvani wrote:

how is this hostname fully qualified who sets it ? The original hostname
always seems to be this one.

I don't know, it is set before NM starts.

Ok, I'll look into this but this is not related to my initial problem indeed.

In the 'none' log, the FQDN is set before NM starts

Indeed (read from D-Bus by NM)

. Around 14:53:41
someone adds a new connection and activates it, disconnecting the
previous DHCP connection.

This can only be the postscript I mentionned creating the xcat- NM profile

At the same time the kernel hostname is
changed externally to NM. I can't say who does this.

Hmm this is odd. I may have missed something then. I'll look further into it.

- dhcp (end up with fqdn).

In this case the short hostname got via DHCP is set by NM at
15:05:49. But later, somebody adds and activates a new connection
'xcat-enp33s0f0' with static addresses

The postscript.

and so the DHCP hostname is
removed, restoring the initial one.

Ok but then you mean the one set BEFORE NM starts (again, the one read from D-Bus at the begining) you mentionned above ? Because man said for hostname-mode == dhcp that there is no fallback (like to reverse lookup the ip address).

I was initially confused by this : it LOOKED LIKE even in dhcp mode, NM was performing a reverse lookup fallback as in fact it just reset to the one it saw initially, correct ?

Thanks a lot for your help.


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