Re: hostname-mode : short vs fqdn name

On 4/8/20 4:18 PM, Thomas HUMMEL wrote:

>> b) : NM just don't play with the transient name and sets a static hostname
 >> coming from /etc/sysconfig/network
 > NM sets the transient host name. It doesn't know about
 > /etc/sysconfig/network. The hostname is determined in this way:

But man says "none: NetworkManager will not manage the transient hostname and will never set it."
Makes me wonder what exactly is the transient hostname.

Besides, trace for 'none' confirms hostname is "unmanaged"

So where does the short hostname I see in this case b) come from if not dhcp (none) neither the sysconfig/network file ?

Or maybe for this case (hostname-mode=none) NM does not change the transient hostname but dhcp has initially changed it in step1 (dhcp NM profile), without NM being involed. So it is kept this way in step2 (manual profile activation) ?

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