Re: Run dispatcher.d script when lte device is unplugged


Am Fr., 10. Mai 2019 um 11:16 Uhr schrieb Chauchet, Martin
<martin chauchet fkie fraunhofer de>:

We are currently working on an automated OpenVPN connection over LTE connections, i.e. whenever an LTE 
stick ist plugged in and the connection ist established, OpenVPN is required to be started automatically. 
Same thing vice-versa (stop OpenVPN service) when the device is unplugged.

We are trying to achieve this with a dispatcher.d script.

this feature is built in into NetworkManager as far as I understand.
You should be able to setup a connection profile for LTE that is
configured to automatically connect and as a "secondaries" setting you
should be able to specify the UUID of a VPN profie that is
automatically connected when the LTE profile is active.
is the reference I looked into for these settings.

Kind regards

Till Maas
Ansible RHEL Networking System Role Maintainer
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