Re: Can't create OVS bridge - device is strictly unmanaged

On Tue, May 07, 2019 at 02:00:00PM -0500, Ian Pilcher via networkmanager-list wrote:
I am trying to switch from using old-style ifcfg files to NetworkManager
to set up an OVS bridge on my (Fedora 30) laptop.  Because this is a
laptop, no physical interface is connected to the bridge; all VM traffic
to the outside world is "NAT'ed" by iptables.  Also, for reasons that I
can't even remember, the NAT'ed network is on VLAN 122 on the OVS

If I were setting this all up manually, I would use the following
Hmm.  Maybe I need to bring the interface up?

# nmcli conn up ovs0-int-iface
Error: Connection activation failed: Connection 'ovs0-int-iface' is not
available on device ovs0 because device is strictly unmanaged

Do you have any special configuration that makes the device unmanaged?
Can you paste the output of 'NetworkManager --print-config'?

Also, if you run 'nmcli general logging level trace', repeat the nmcli
commands above and grep the journal for 'unmanaged:' you should see
more details about why ovs0 is considered unmanaged.


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