Re: can't seem to set tc.qdisc options

Hi Dan -


I realized I could work around the immediate problem of setting tc qdisc's with options on a connection by adding a script to /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/; so answering the message below is not urgent, though I'd use it instead of the workaround.


However, on Fedora it's a PITA due to SELinux to add such a script to do something that apparently was designed partially into NetworkManager (setting tc.qdisc). So it seems it might be a good idea to extend the connection settings for tc.qdisc to include a syntax for qdisc options, if there isn't a way to do this.


Also, I sent the below message to the networkmanager-list and heard nothing since. Should I specifically send things to you, Dan? I thought maybe someone else on the list might have a hint.




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Subject: Can't seem to set tc.qdisc options

After much searching and experimentation, I cannot figure out how to set qdisc options in nmcli.


Here's the command I want to run when a particular connection is brought up:


   tc qdisc add dev enp3s0 root cake bandwidth 23mbit


where enp3s0 is the underlying link.


Network manager is setting the qdisc to fq_codel with default options on this link, and setting other connections' qdiscs to prioritized.


nmcli objects when I put any options in nmcli edit and I say:


   set tc.qdisc cake root bandwidth 23mbit


So maybe there is a way to do this? Or is it an enhancement that needs to be added to network manager?


(or is there some script to edit?)


Any help would be very welcome.


PS: sch_cake is an out-of-tree qdisc by Jonathan Morton. But other qdiscs have options.

tc qdisc add dev enp3s0 root cake bandwidth 23mbit

tc qdisc add dev enp3s0 root cake bandwidth 23mbit

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