DHCP fallback address

Hello all,

I've been struggling with some configuration here and hope you could give me a hint.

Currently using 
  • Ubuntu 18.04,
  • kernel 4.15.0-43-generic,
  • NetworkManager version 1.10.6,
  • dhclient version isc-dhclient-4.3.5

Installed Ubuntu in a virtual machine (Virtual Box) and edited the network connections to have a Host only adapter, disabled the DHCP on VirtualBox.

My objective: to configure the DHCP client's fallback address and timeout.

What I did: edited the /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf to contain a lease option for the mentioned network adapter with a specific IP address.

I attached a few files:
  • dhclient.conf
  • dhclient-enp0s8.conf (check lines 42-43, where the lease should end)
  • journalctl.txt (output of "journalctl -u NetworkManager" after stopping the dhclient app and restarting the NetworkManager service)
Seems like the NetworkManager is incorrectly overwriting the dhclient.

Any other info I should send?

Best regards and happy 2019!

  Eng. Bruno Landau Albrecht
  e-mail/G-Talk: brunolalb gmail com

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