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On Thu, 2019-02-14 at 19:06 +0100, Mithnar Menengrothello via
networkmanager-list wrote:

I'm trying to build a gateway/AP with two SSID managed by hostapd
without completely disabling NetworkManager. Base is CentOS7

My current setup looks like this and works.

               | enp5s6 - public IP by
DHCP   |                    |
               |                              |                    
               | managed by
NM                |                    |
               |                              |                    
               |                              |                    
+                    |
                     |                |                            
             +--MASQ-+                +----MASQ-----
+              |
             |                                      |              
+------+-------+--------------+     +-----+-----------+------------
br0 -       +<-+  | br1 -         ||
created by network         | XXX | created by
network            ||
managed by NM,             |  +->+ managed by
NM                 ||
                           |     |                               
-------------------+-- ------+-------------------------------------
enp7s0           | wlp6s0        |
wlp6s0.1                      ||
joined to
br0    |               |                               ||
by network       |               | created and managed by
                 |               | joined to br1 on
creation     ||
                 |               +-------------------------------
                 | managed by
hostapd                            ||
                 | joined to br0 by
hostapd                      ||
+-------------------+-- -------------------------------------------

Nice ASCII art :)

 - br0 is interal network comprised of wired enp7s0 and wireless
wlp6s0 (wireless managed by WPA2 Enterpise),
 - br1 is public guest wifi network with WPA2 Consumer. There is no
routing between the two.
 - Both are MASQeraded to external interface (enp5s6).
 - Firewall and masquerading is managed by firewalld.

All config is kept in /etc/sysconfig/ifcfg-* files, so during bootup
networking could be assembled by old networking initscript (it is not

I'd like to let NetworkManager manage all interfaces, unfotunately as
for now it does not allow me to manage only III layer and up without
touching II Iayer of wifi interface (or I was not able to find
appropriate setting). Thus I had to create br1 to separate IP
configuration (managed by NM) and let  hostapd manage AP
on virtual wlp6s0.1. This seem to be unnecessary, but I could not
it work any other way.

My questions:

1. Is is it possible to make NetworkManager manage a wifi interface
just as an ordinary wired ethernet (no fooling around wireless
settings)? Wired interfaces can be with or without 802.1X so here
situation potentially can be no different.

2. Is it possible to let NM take over management of virtual wireless
interface (here wlp6s0.1) once it is created?
Now when the interfece is defined as NM-managed, "hotplug" to "yes"
and "type" is set to "wifi", network manager does not react to its
creation by hostapd and whet I try to bring the connection manually,
NM complains it canot find a device to manage.  Should it be possible
I could get rid of br1.

there is "connection.type=generic". Which basically is Layer3/IP
configuration that can be applicable to any externally created netdev
(i.e. device visible in `ip link`).

Generic connections however don't support 802.1x (maybe it should?). 

It's also not entirely to me clear whether that would actually work for
you. It's worth a try.

In general, I think it won't work easily. But we'd be interested in
getting your setup to work :)


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