Captive portals reviewed

Hello Mr. Haller,

bout a year ago did I wrote a message about my connection-problems on networks using captive-portals.

After a long time of struggle, switching my operation-system once only to come back to Linux later this year, I hardly searched but finally found a solution for my problem here:

The obstruction foiling that kind of connection was never related on NetworkManager, nor does it applies to any of its grounding services but to some badly configurations on Ubuntu and all of its spin-offs ("Linux Mint" in my case). The solution described on the mentioned forum is proven by. And now the problem doesn’t occurs at all after I changed to "MX-Linux"!

Anyways, coming back to Linux let me also reviewing your blog again. And so I noticed that you took my problem seriously and updated your blog to address this particular circumstance.
Thank you very much for that! (Even while I am now almost sure that the problem doesn’t accrue from changing mac-addresses.)

I wish you and your family a happy Christmas and, if you like tell me a way to sent some money to you to show my gratitude.

- Sascha Zosgornik

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