nmcli and cdc-wdm0 device for UMTS connection

Hello everybody,
I have a problem connecting to a UMTS network on an embedded system.
Here are the details:
- Modem Quectel UC20
- packages installed: usbutils, usb_modeswitch, NetworkManager (1.0.4), ModemManager (1.4.2).

To activate network connection, I work as follows:

    // Start ModemManager with log debug
    ModemManager --debug &

    // Enable modem
    mmcli -m 0 -e

    // Start NetworkManager
    NetworkManager &

    // cdc-wdm0 is the primary port oc the modem, look at the following text.
    nmcli c add type gsm ifname cdc-wdm0 con-name remoteConnection apn ibox.tim.it

    // By this command I'm able to verify that the modem is registered to the network
    mmcli -m 0 -w

Output is
    /org/freedesktop/ModemManager1/Modem/0: Initial state, 'registered
The output of the command
    mmcli -m 0

    /org/freedesktop/ModemManager1/Modem/0 (device id 'fdecd6b32808f6d001a07e35d54ac8635ac19228')
  Hardware |   manufacturer: 'QUALCOMM INCORPORATED'
           |          model: '0'
           |       revision: 'UC20EQAR03A04M1024  1  [2014/05/05 9:00:00]'
           |      supported: 'gsm-umts'
           |        current: 'gsm-umts'
           |   equipment id: '861075021304068'
  System   |         device: '/sys/devices/soc0/soc/2100000.aips-bus/2184200.usb/ci_hdrc.1/usb2/2-1/2-1.2'
           |        drivers: 'option1, qmi_wwan'
           |         plugin: 'Generic'
           |   primary port: 'cdc-wdm0'
           |          ports: 'ttyUSB0 (qcdm), ttyUSB2 (at), cdc-wdm0 (qmi), wwan0 (net), ttyUSB3 (at)'
  Numbers  |           own : 'unknown'
  Status   |           lock: 'sim-pin2'
           | unlock retries: 'sim-pin (3), sim-pin2 (3), sim-puk (10), sim-puk2 (10)'
           |          state: 'registered'
           |    power state: 'on'
           |    access tech: 'umts'
           | signal quality: '36' (recent)
  Modes    |      supported: 'allowed: 2g; preferred: none
           |                  allowed: 3g; preferred: none
           |                  allowed: 2g, 3g; preferred: none
           |                  allowed: 2g, 3g; preferred: 2g
           |                  allowed: 2g, 3g; preferred: 3g'
           |        current: 'allowed: 2g, 3g; preferred: none'
  Bands    |      supported: 'cdma-bc15-aws, dcs, egsm, pcs, g850, u2100, u900'
           |        current: 'cdma-bc15-aws, dcs, egsm, pcs, g850, u2100, u900'
  IP       |      supported: 'ipv4, ipv6, ipv4v6'
  3GPP     |           imei: '861075021304068'
           |  enabled locks: 'none'
           |    operator id: '22201'
           |  operator name: 'TIM'
           |   subscription: 'unknown'
           |   registration: 'home'
  SIM      |           path: '/org/freedesktop/ModemManager1/SIM/0'

  Bearers  |          paths: 'none'

So, once again, it seems the modem is registered.
However the output of the command
    nmcli con
is as follows:

    NAME              UUID                                  TYPE  DEVICE
    remoteConnection  3c1a500d-fc67-4523-9ba9-6973249a859a  gsm   --    

So it seems that the remoteConnection is not associated with any device (I think that the device should be cdc-wdm0).

The output of
     nmcli dev

can0     can       disconnected  --        
can1     can       disconnected  --        
tunl0    ipip      disconnected  --        
wlan0    wifi      disconnected  --        
wwan0    wwan      disconnected  --        
bond0    bond      unmanaged     --        
eth0     ethernet  unmanaged     --        
gre0     gre       unmanaged     --        
gretap0  gretap    unmanaged     --        
lo       loopback  unmanaged     --

And running the command
        nmcli con up remoteConnection
I get the error:
        Error: Connection activation failed: No suitable device found for this connection

I'm working on an embedded device without gui, and the SW version are the following ones:
           nmcli  version 1.0.4
mmcli version 1.4.2
I'm not able to upgrade those applications.

Is there any other test, further investigation that I can perform on this topic?
Any help will be appreciated
Best regards

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