Re: [RFC] Automatically remove stored SIM-PIN from gsm connection settings if it fails to unlock?

On Mon, 2018-10-08 at 09:24 +0200, Aleksander Morgado wrote:

I've SIM-PIN blocked one of my SIM cards just by having a gsm
autoconnected settings with a PIN stored and then PIN not matching
one in the device. When this happens, NM will try to unlock SIM-PIN
once, and if it fails it won't try again (good) (*)... until the next
reboot (bad). So, I forgot about this setup and after just a couple
system reboots got the SIM-PIN blocked, and had to recover it with

Don't know if this kind of thing is done in other kinds of settings,
but could we completely remove the SIM-PIN stored within the settings
if it fails once, so that not even on the next reboot the unlock with
the wrong PIN is attempted? Or is this considered a user error? I'm
not exactly sure where to draw the line about this issue, I think I
have pros and cons for both solutions, so just opening the question

What do you think?

(*) It also doesn't re-ask the user for the PIN right away, still
to get trace logs as thaller suggested.


That sounds good to me.

it's slightly ugly, that activating a profile may result in writing it
anew to disk. But we already do that when (for example with Wi-Fi),
when the password is wrong and we get a better password from the secret
agent. While a bit odd that activating a profile may re-write it, it
probably makes sense.


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