OT: IPsec over IPv6 with wwan (qmi/mbim)


I am in a discussion with my mobile isp if ipsec over ipv6 is working or not.
Hi says he has it tested with scapy and strongswan.

I used a simple test script from here https://gist.github.com/vi/5628320 based 
on ipsec-tools.

It works as long my mobile isp is not involved. (WiFi and LAN)

(tested between three independent ISPs (telekom dsl, uni campus (lrz) and 
freifunk muc (spacenet).

Ping works every time, ssh/tcp fails sometimes with mtu problems.

My questions are: 
Has somebody experiences with IPsec/IPv6 especially over LTE/UMTS?

Is it possible that the linux driver(wwan)  blocks/drops such packets?

extension headers are: 
Destination Options for IPv6 (60)
Authentication Header        (51)
Encap Security Payload       (50) 



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