Bridges and Ethernet Devices

Hey all!

I have a lack of knowledge about how I'm supposed to work with the network

So here is my situation. I have two ethernet devices and multiple bridges.
And I want to be able to connect one of the ethernet devices to one bridge and
apply a static connection to that bridge then.
Afterwards I want to deactive this connection and use any other combination of
these two ethernet devices and the bridges to get connected to my network with
exactly the same static connection.

I want to learn the handling of bridges via network manager so thats more or
less just a stupid example.

How I try to do it is the following (all is done via NM DBus API):

# disconncet both ethernet devices
disconnect enp0s1, enp0s2

# disconnect the old bridge
disconnect br1

# build the new connections
add and active connection for new bridge br3 (with static settings)
add and active connection for enp0s1 (as slave of br3)
add and active connection for enp0s2 (with "/" as connection)

Is this the way of doing it or how am I supposed to do it?

Do I need to delete the old connections?

Is network manager compatible with brctl or should I avoid using brctl when I
manage my network devices with network manager?

Is there a simple way to show slaves of a bridge with nmcli?


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