How does IWD handle setting MAC address?

Hi Andrew,

I think a valueable feature with NetworkManager + Wi-Fi +
wpa_supplicant is that MAC address options. 

I tried to explain how that works here:
and some ideas here:

Basically, NM changes the current MAC address of the Wi-Fi device under the hood.
But only while scanning, early when activation starts, or after deactivation.

Grep the sources for nm_device_hw_addr_set() and nm_device_hw_addr_set_cloned().

There were/are a few issues with supplicant, where it would cope badly with NM
externally changing the MAC address:

Also, some drivers don't support changing the MAC address at all. In the past,
NM would fail badly in that case, nowadays, it should just log a warning
and otherwise work fine.

Anyway, how does iwd cope with NM externally changing the MAC address (via netlink)?
Otherwise, could/does iwd provide a SetMacAddress() D-Bus method?
I don't think iwd should contain the logic for selecting a MAC address. NM knows which
profile is active, and it knows how to generate the desired MAC address. iwd could contain
some MAC address randomization schemes, I don't care as long as there is a way for NM
to explicitly set the desired MAC address.


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