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On Thu, 2017-12-28 at 10:35 +0000, Guillaume Betous wrote:

I have an openvpn setup which works fine on command-line. I have a
single file which contains inline keys.

When I try to import it on network-manager (not sure of the version,
but I run Ubuntu 17.10), I have an error with message like "cannot
read or does not contain known VPN data / ERROR : plugin does not
handle import" (French message is : Le fichier xxx.ovpn est illisible
ou ne contient pas d'information de connexion VPN reconnues. ERREUR :
le greffon ne prend pas en charge la fonction d'importation).

I could not find anywhere a clear documentation about the needed file

Thank you for your help,




The "import" functionality takes a (native) OpenVPN configuration (ovpn
file), and creates a corresponding connection profile in

The file format is of exactly as documented in `man openvpn`.
If a certain valid ovpn file cannot be imported, it's either a bug or a
missing feature.

Since you don't provide the file that causes the failure to import,
it's hard to say why it fails.

The reason why you are getting such a generic error message is probably
because import via nm-connection-editor asks all VPN plugins to import
the file. Since they all fail, nm-connection-editor shows the failure
message of an arbitrary plugin, not necessarily the openvpn plugin.
Hence, the error message is not very helpful. That should be improved,
but it's unclear how to find the ~best~ failure message.
You would probably get a better message with

  nmcli connection import type openvpn file "$OVPN_FILENAME"


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