debug connection issue with network-manager-fortisslvpn


I'm new to this mainling list so forgive me if I'm asking things that
have been answered here before. To connect to my companies network I use
the openfortivpn which implements Fortigate SSL VPN solution. There is a
network manager plugin for this vpn implementation as well and I'd like
to use it.However so far I've been unable to connect with this plugin
and the information on why it fails is limited to the following error
message:"Activation of network connection failed."

I've encountered this issue on two different distributions (arch and
solus) so it's not distribution specific. I've tried the 1.5.0 and 1.6.0
version of openfortivpn with 1.2.6 of the network manager plugin.

I'm unsure where to find debug information or how to enable more verbose
logging but so far I haven't found anything.I've looked at the usual
places (dmesg, journalctl and /var/log) but haven't found any relevant
information. Can anyone provide me with information, or links to sources
that contain information, on how to find the issue myself.


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