Re: Problem importing OpenVPN profile in Linux Mint 18.3 x64 cinnamon

On Thu, 2018-02-22 at 12:34 -0500, David H. Durgee wrote:
Thomas Haller wrote:

The proper solution is to add support for this option. Patches

I doubt my programming skills are up to a patch for this.  Is this
on the list somewhere of addition options to be supported?  If not,
it be added?


I did something, it's on review:

  In either case, any idea of when it might be available?  
Is there a release schedule for the plugin?

Releases are done infrequently. Also, your distribution might not
rebase the package to a new upstream release, and it might not be
willing to backport new features in the current release of the
distribution. But that depends...

Given that I only need to use the service when taking my laptop out
the office I believe I can live with continuing to use openvpn
until the plugin supports the <extra-certs> option. I doubt that
tunnel is the only service using this option, so I suspect others
also encountering it and adding support to the plugin should be done
some point.

Maybe it's a pain point for many user. But I never saw a feature
request about it, and there is (AFAIK) no open RFE on
Be that as it may, it's easy to add.


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