Re: Problem importing OpenVPN profile in Linux Mint 18.3 x64 cinnamon

Thomas Haller wrote:
On Thu, 2018-02-15 at 14:24 -0500, David H. Durgee wrote:


I am running Linux Mint 18.3 x64 cinnamon and have the OpenVPN
installed with network manager.  I have an OpenVPN profile from
Tunnel that I use with no problems on my phone with the OpenVPN
app.  I can also use the profile at the terminal window in LM 18.3
successfully.  Attempting to import the OpenVPN profile fails with an

Cannot import VPN connection

The file 'Ashburn.ovpn' could not be read or does not contain
VPN connection information

Error: the plugin does not support import capability.
The error message is not helpful because of bug

You might get a better message with

   nmcli connection import type openvpn file "$FILENAME"

and maybe that already tells you what's wrong.

In my terminal window I get:

all this information is not relevant, because import is solely done by
the user application that reads the .ovpn file and creates a
corresponding connection profile in NetworkManager compatible format
Commonly it's one of nmcli, nm-connection-editor, gnome-control-center,
or plasma-nm.

Can you be more precise about which application you are using to import
the ovpn file?

The information that matters most is the ovpn file itself and the
version of the nm-openvpn plugin that performs the import. Please send
the ovpn file, but make sure to sanitize private information (without
changing the meaning of the file too much).

I tired the command line tool as suggested:

dhdurgee@Z560 ~/Downloads $ nmcli connection import type openvpn file Ashburn.ovpn Error: failed to import 'Ashburn.ovpn': configuration error: unsupported blob/xml element (line 77).

Looking at the file, the line indicated and following are:


*** certificate omitted ***


Beyond that extra certificate are the RSA KEY and TLS information.

I guess I can try editing the file to remove the extra certificate and see if that passes muster.


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