Re: signal for (De)ActivateConnection?

Hi Thomas,

obviously you wrote an answer to my latest mail, but it never got into
my inbox. I only saw it on 8-/
Nevertheless thx for it.

 On Sun, 2018-12-23 at 23:41 +0100, Michael Hirmke wrote:


after a long time I found some time to start the rewrite of my
There are a few questions remaining, though.

If I understood correctly, for a generic script I have to iterate
all existing connections (ListConnections).
What I don't understand actually is how to get a relation between the
connection settings object and an existing active connection object.
Do I have to iterate over all active connections and find a matching
uuid? Or do we have a simpler way to get to this
Yes, that's one way.

Of, if you know already which Device you are interested in, you can get
from the device to the active connection to the (settings) connection.

I am not interested in devices at all, but only in connections, their type
and their state.
Meanwhile the script does quite the thing, but I am not sure, if it is
doing it the "right" way or if my logics is ok. I know, I make too great
demands on you, but could yo have a look on the pseudo code below and
tell me, whether or where I should alter/improve the program flow?
And perhaps you can ask the question regarding the signal handler
included in the pseudo code.

pseudo code for dbus_nm_c:


- connect to the DBus system bus
- retrieve NetworkManager service
- retrieve NetworkManager interface
- retrieve NetworkManager settings interface

- initially find and handle active connections
  -> call function 'HandleAllActiveConnections' with a list of paths for
     active connections (NMIF->ActiveConnections)

- connect to signal 'PropertiesChanged' on NetworkManager interface
  -> handler is function 'onNMPropertiesChanged'

- get reactor
- start reactor and wait for signals

function HandleAllActiveConnections:

- loop over paramter with paths of active connections
- if connection is
  - run function 'HandleActiveConnection' this connection

function HandleActiveConnection:

  - get connection object from connection path
  - if no signal handler is assigned to that connection object
    (IFCA->{ "signal_handlers" }{ "StateChanged" }) *) see below
    !! Question: Is there a method to get that information instead of
    !! directly diving into the object structure??

    - get connection type
    - get connection state

    - run function 'onConnectionStateChanged' (for initial work to do)
      with parameters for connection type and state

    - assign a handler for signal 'StateChanged' on the connection
      -> handler is again function 'onConnectionStateChanged'
         with parameters for connection type and state

function onConnectionStateChanged:

- do the real work

function onNMPropertiesChanged:

- if changed property is 'ActiveConnections'
  -> call function 'HandleAllActiveConnections' with a list of paths for
     active connections ($props->{ 'ActiveConnections' })

*) If a handler for signal StateChanged" already exists for this
   connection, the connection is already known and a handler has been
   added in a previous iteration; from then on everything has to be
   handled by this handler called by the appropriate signal for the
   connection; even if another "PropertiesChanged" signal for
   NetworkManager with "ActiveConnections" containing the same
   connection must be ignored.


Thx a lot.

Merry Christmas (if this is your thing :))

Michael Hirmke

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