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I'm trying to force DHCP lease renew for specific interface.
Basically replicate in Linux IpRenewAddress function from Win32 API.
Without NetworkManager it's fairly simple, like "dhclient -r eth4 &&
dhclient -1 eth4".
But NetworkManager manages dhclient in different way, so that lead to
an unexpected consequences.

I can't find a way to ask NetworkManager to forcefully renew the
lease. Neither through DBus API, nor from command line.
Is there any way to do such thing?
If not, how can I file an enhancement request?

Please CC me on reply, I'm not subscribed to this list.


$ nmcli device reapply $IFNAME

(or, on D-Bus, via Device's Reapply() method).

(or, fully reactivate the profile, like)

  nmcli connection up "$PROFILE"


Tried to run reapply (via DBus call, but also tried nmcli), have 
"NetworkManager[916]: <info>  [1545650569.2423] audit: op="device-reapply" interface="eth4" ifindex=2 
pid=28554 uid=0 result="success" "
in syslog, but no DHCP activity observed on the link.

What I'm doing wrong here?

For the record it's Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with nm version 1.2.6


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