Re: NetworkManager for Ubuntu Touch


ok super, then we shall try to make a packaging repo for the current
version and use our armhf builder to try if it can build it. One
question ahead of this, if network and WiFi both have provided DNS via
DHCP, how is NM updating the resolver so that not only the route to the
active network is taken but also the DNS proxy knows what to do?

BR Florian

Am 05.12.2018 um 18:23 schrieb Lubomir Rintel:
It is supposed to.

There were significant improvements to the connectivity checking
lately. The connectivity checks were previously rather rudimentary,
providing a simple connected/disconnected status, completely oblivious
to the device that's actually used for the check.

With an up-to-date NetworkManager we try to make the connectivity check
use a particular device that has came up and then adjust the route
metric accordingly. We also expose the result on the D-Bus. For this to
work robustly you need to have systemd-resolved available (not
necessarily default), otherwise we're not able to resolve names via a
particular interface.

I'm really really really not going to help you solve eventual problems
on a rather old version when we have a new one that is a drop-in
replacement. On the other hand I'm happy to help if something doesn't
work with an up-to-date version.

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