Re: How to use PKCS#11 with nm-applet?

Hello everyone,

I am running the following configuration:

- Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic

- network-manager-gnome_1.8.10-2ubuntu1_amd64

- network-manager 1.8.10

I have seen that there is a commit, which "adds PKCS#11 login dialog" ( According to this commit, the versions built after 1.7.1-dev (including my version 1.8.10) should include the changes made here. However, I am not able to enter a PKCS#11 URI in the Wi-Fi connection dialog (WPA & WPA2 Enterprise; TLS).It only shows me the file picker for the CA certificate, user certificate and private key.

What am I doing wrong? 

Kind regards / MfG

Jan Bissinger

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