Re: Missing manual proxy settings from nm-connection-editor

On Tue, 2017-10-03 at 16:57 -0700, Colin Williams wrote:
I recently upgraded my debian packages and I no longer can access my
proxy settings from chromium. I then launched nm-connection-editor
which I think chromium was launching to make such settings. In the
editor I see a proxy tab. Before I had a list item Method: Manual .
Now I only have Method: Automatic and None. What happened to the
Manual option and can I get it back?


NM's proxy settings are used to configure pacrunner. If you don't use
pacrunner, then the NM proxy settings have no effect for you.

Even if you are using pacrunner, it still depends on each application
(browser, wget) independetly to make use of the proxy settings. For
example, via libproxy.

I don't think that chromuim uses pacrunner. Consequently, NM's setting
don't apply. I doubt that chromium ever launched nm-connection-editor)
See for example


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