Re: Automatic bonding of VFs and virtio

On Tue, 2017-11-28 at 20:34 -0800, Jakub Kicinski wrote:

There is a real need to automatically instantiate a bond/team and
enslave a VF and virtio device to solve live migrations issues [2].  
This has been tackled in multiple ways, but I believe this would be
a great feature to have in NetworkManager.  The recent proposal was 
to simply detect that bond should be created based on MAC addresses
of the virtio and VF devices being identical [1].

Is this a feature worth considering?  Any thoughts, comments?


the condition you mention sounds a bit too specific to me.
But to have some general way to generate connections would be a useful

For example, for ethernet devices we create a DHCP/ipv6-auto
connection, whenever we see them the first time (and they have no
connection). This is to activate something on a newly installed system.
It can be disabled via setting in

This connection is also in-memory-only and won't persist (unless the
user modifies it, which causes it to be stored on disk). We long think
about adding a connection property "volatile", which basically is an
in-memory connection that gets automatically deleted when it is no
longer active. The auto-default connection should also be volatile

But I am not sure that these auto-default connections are so great
after all.
systemd has this concept of generators and usually doesn't create
configuration on it's own. Well, at least not pid1, some other part of
systemd might generate them.
Maybe an external component should create such connections instead.
virtio-net is creating the bond and the VF. You say, it's complicated
to setup the bits, but is it really? Especially if we would have
volatile connections, it should be too hard (because you only have to
create the connections and let it auto-activate. You wouldn't have to
worry about cleaning it up later).


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