Re: issues with pppd error handling

Hi Thomas, Beniamino,
 thanks for taking time to read and reply to my previous message.

2017-11-24 21:55 GMT+01:00 Beniamino Galvani <bgalvani redhat com>:
Actually, I don't think this can work since there isn't a GLib main
loop... so probably we should just change the async calls to sync
(perhaps only when we know that pppd is about to exit, i.e. for the

Is it really needed to receive and process notifications about
internal pppd state changes? Since pppd is/should be running in
nopersist mode pppd should exit upon connection termination. Actually
there were only two 'live' cases where this information is used in NM
and both are related with disconnect and cause ppp_failed() to run as
mentioned in my previous message.

I attach patch I'm using now and it works OK for pppd with
ModemManager. I don't think it's directly upstreamable as it affects
pppoe and bluetooth (which have ppp_failed() copy-pasted) which I
can't test now and which would potentially be harmed by this patch but
maybe illustrates potential solution.

Best regards, Piotr.

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