Re: Launch dispatcher on upstream connectivity check failure per interface

In the environment dispatcher scripts run in you have access to several variables to check interface name etc

If you're still not able to solve your problem - post more details - how are you doing "connectivity check", what your configs and scripts look like.

--Regards, Aleksei

On 06/11/17 17:33, Viguera, Javier wrote:

Hi all,


I have a NM configuration using three interfaces: ethernet, wireless and cellular.


I have enabled the "connectivity check" support and added some scripts in the dispatcher folder, so I can attend upstream network failure events.


But as I'm seeing it, on connectivity check failures (no physical failures) the dispatcher is only fired when all the interfaces have lost the upstream connectivity (after the metrics for all interfaces have been penalized in the routing table).


What I'm trying to do is to fire the dispatcher when the upstream connectivity check fails for one interface even though it's not failing for the other interfaces. For example, if the configure URI cannot be reached by ethernet fire a dispatch event even though that URL is still reachable via wireless and cellular.


I'm looking at the code so I can hack the simplest patch to do the job, but just thought here would be the better place to ask for hints on where to start.


Any help would be appreciated?





Javier Viguera


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