Automatically assign link local ipv4 address if dhcp fails

What is the recommended approach / configuration to use in order to automatically have an ipv4 link local address (in the 169.254/16 range) assigned to an interface in case DHCP fails?

This should happen with the following default setting, when DHCP fails (considering RFC 3927):
ipv4.method: auto

If I manually configure the interface via the following setting, then the interface is assigned an ipv4 link local address as it should:
ipv4.method: link-local

However, the link local ipv4 address should be the fall-back in case of auto, if DHCP fails. At least that is the behavior I'm looking for.

Currently, I have been looking at this for NetworkManager-1.2.4

Some options might include using a different dhcp client. The dhcpcd client did support this, but support for dhcpcd has been disabled in networkmanager-1.0.0-2 (2015-02-14) from what I understand.

What is the recommended approach to achieve the described behavior?

Best regards
Viktor S. Wold Eide

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