Re: 1bbb:0195 italian usb dongle


the IK40V (also LINK KEY, Internet Key) has the same ID and nearly the 
functionality as other alcatel devices (Y900, MW40V).
It uses rndis_host/cdc_ether for the local communication. The interaction with 
NetworksManager works well.

Of course, since it uses a web-interface, NM cannot manage the wan-connection.

I have got also the italian/english version, but I think the other language 
versions should not differ very much.

I have seen no SIM-lock. The APN-settings are limited, but the stick 
recognizes the correct mode (IPv4/IPv6) for Deutsche Telekom. 

I haven't made reboot tests with raspberry pi, because I have only one raspi 
at the moment and it is busy. (worrying about the filesystem in case of 


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