Re: Seg fault on 'latest' master

On Mon, 2017-07-10 at 14:15 +0100, Colin Helliwell wrote:
I've been working for the past week or so with a version built around
4th July. I've just updated to the latest, and seem to be getting a
seg fault somewhere.
(/usr/libexec/nm-dispatcher is running afterwards)
I fairly sure nothing else in the system is different.

Compared with below, the log of the working version next does:
daemon.debug NetworkManager[916]: <debug> [1499691331.7316]
device[0x16cc4c0] (eth0): ip6-config: update (commit=0, routes-full-
sync=0, new-config=0x16da148)
daemon.debug NetworkManager[916]: <debug> [1499691331.7375]
device[0x16cc4c0] (eth0): ip6-config: set IP6Config instance
daemon.debug NetworkManager[916]: <debug> [1499691331.7381] dns-mgr:
(device_ip6_config_changed): queueing DNS updates (1)
daemon.debug NetworkManager[916]: <debug> [1499691331.7384] dns-mgr:
(device_ip6_config_changed): DNS configuration did not change
daemon.debug NetworkManager[916]: <debug> [1499691331.7386] dns-mgr:
(device_ip6_config_changed): no DNS changes to commit (0)
daemon.debug NetworkManager[916]: <debug> [1499691331.7388]
device[0x16cc4c0] (eth0): device has no existing configuration

[The system doesn't have IPv6]

Log is below; any immediate thoughts....?


please provide a stack-trace


 $ gdb /sbin/NetworkManager
run --debug

(make sure, you have debugging symbols available)

And which exact commit are you testing?


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