Re: Network manager auto-upgraded, ppp no longer connects.

On Thu, 2017-01-12 at 15:25 -0500, A. F. Cano wrote:
On Thu, Jan 05, 2017 at 11:51:54AM -0600, Dan Williams wrote:
If you're able, could you downgrade NetworkManager to make sure the
problem is certainly with the update?  If downgrading starts things
working again, then it's a lot easier to find the regression.

I'll keep looking into doing this.  The system in question is a
FreedomBox running on an APU1D4 (headless) whose set of tools is
limited and whose only access is ssh and the limited web interface.

Could you also double-check that ModemManager was or was not
updated at
the same time?

ModemManager was not updated at the same time.

Before this latest upgrade (a few days ago) network-manager
fine with ppp.  The cdma phone got plugged in, the usb system
it, network manager set up the connection and I used to get a

I think the relevant log lines are:

Dec 31 13:12:33 fbx NetworkManager[370]:
<warn>  [1483207953.9875]
modem-broadband[ttyACM0]: failed to connect modem: Network

This error is actually coming from ModemManager, not
indicating that MM wasn't able to connect to the network within a
certain timeout.  One thing that could help narrow it down is to
the system log output of ModemManager too.  You can enable verbose
debugging of MM with:

mmcli -G DEBUG

Ok, did that and now ModemManager is writing thousands of lines to
syslog.  What seems relevant is this:

Jan 12 13:33:56 fbx ModemManager[315]: <debug> Got failure code 100:
Unknown error

These also seem relevant:

Jan 12 13:34:10 fbx ModemManager[315]: <debug>    User: unspecified
Jan 12 13:34:10 fbx ModemManager[315]: <debug>    Password:
Jan 12 13:34:10 fbx ModemManager[315]: <debug>    Number: #777

Not sure how/why the user and password are unspecified, they are set
the connection description (qnc).

The following seem contradictory, it seems that the regiestration
don't stick.

Jan 12 13:34:22 fbx ModemManager[315]: <debug> Not registered in any
CDMA network
Jan 12 13:34:22 fbx ModemManager[315]: <debug> All CDMA registration
state checks done
Jan 12 13:34:22 fbx ModemManager[315]: <debug> (ttyACM0) device open
count is 1 (close)
Jan 12 13:34:22 fbx ModemManager[315]: <debug> Modem not yet
registered in a CDMA network... will recheck soon
Jan 12 13:34:25 fbx ModemManager[315]: <debug> Running registration
checks (CDMA1x: 'yes', EV-DO: 'yes')
Jan 12 13:34:25 fbx ModemManager[315]: <debug> Will skip all QCDM-
based registration checks

Ok, so it's a "Motorola e815" phone.  It seems the device doesn't
support some common AT commands for CDMA, or the device is registered
on EVDO which AT+CSS doesn't necessarily report.  ModemManager would
need to be updated for this device.

Could you run "lsusb -v -d 22b8:2a62" for me?  It may be that kernel
drivers don't know about other ports the phone provides, which may
prevent ModemManager from reading some device status.

Could you run the following commands for me on ttyACM0 after stopping
ModemManager, using something like "minicom -D /dev/ttyACM0"?  Then
copy & paste the responses to a reply and we'll see if we can find out
what we need:


I can't seem to find out much about Motorola CDMA-specific AT commands.

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