better coping with multiple forms of ipv6 route and address assignment

I see that network manager has an easy means of specifying different
metrics for routes.

The defaults I get on ubuntu are a bit screwy, in that the ipv4
default is 600 (which is much more than the default), and the ipv6
default is also 600, which is lower than the default 1024.

I just arbitrarily changed mine universally to 2048, which helps in my
complex routed environment. But that raises a couple questions.

Presently NetworkManager uses "proto static" for routes derived from
dhcp. There is an entry for "dhcp" in /etc/iproute2/rt_protos (16) -
is it possible to use that rather than static?

Is there a way to not install default routes at all? (source specific
routing here)

And: dhcpv6-pd is proving to be a PITA to deploy and might be useful
to have it's own rt_proto due to various special requirements
(off-link ra announcements and the like). Don't know if network
manager can do pd (yet?), dhclient and friends can....

And things like the inet homenet protocol (hnetd) are using an
unofficial proto number of 43, and some work in progress of mine is
using 44 (for lack of a better number)

And, did the concept of NLM_F_MATCH die? [1]

Lastly: Given all the different forms of ipv6 address assignment, I
kind of wish the proto concept also applied to addresses, or scope
identifiers, or something.

And: Sorry for so many ands!

Dave Täht
Let's go make home routers and wifi faster! With better software!

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