Re: Modem gsm device connection fails, gsm setting not found.


the problem is solved now.

I was not properly updating the settings from remote. Now I do it with nm_connection_replace_settings_from_connection() and nm_remote_connection_commit_changes_async().


2017-12-11 17:06 GMT+01:00 Ana Rodríguez López <rodrilopez ana gmail com>:

How can I assign a connection to a device? Why does network manager not find the appropriate connection? I suspect I could be messing something up with the settings.

I am using Network Manager version 1.6.2-3 and Modem Manager 1.6.4-1.

I set up the connections manually and they appear in nmcli connections list. For modem GSM devices I have created the following connection:                          ModemGSM
connection.uuid:                        4457ea1c-ec4a-4e53-9889-2023fcd60a98
connection.stable-id:                   --
connection.interface-name:              cdc-wdm0
connection.type:                        gsm
connection.autoconnect:                 yes
connection.autoconnect-priority:        0
connection.autoconnect-retries:         -1 (default)
connection.timestamp:                   0                   no
connection.permissions:                               --
connection.master:                      --
connection.slave-type:                  --
connection.autoconnect-slaves:          -1 (default)
connection.gateway-ping-timeout:        0
connection.metered:                     unknown
connection.lldp:                        -1 (default)
ipv4.method:                            auto
ipv4.dns-options:                       (default)
ipv4.dns-priority:                      0
ipv4.gateway:                           --
ipv4.route-metric:                      -1
ipv4.ignore-auto-routes:                no
ipv4.ignore-auto-dns:                   no
ipv4.dhcp-client-id:                    --
ipv4.dhcp-timeout:                      0
ipv4.dhcp-send-hostname:                yes
ipv4.dhcp-hostname:                     --
ipv4.dhcp-fqdn:                         --
ipv4.never-default:                     no
ipv4.may-fail:                          yes                       -1 (default)
ipv6.method:                            auto
ipv6.dns-options:                       (default)
ipv6.dns-priority:                      0
ipv6.gateway:                           --
ipv6.route-metric:                      -1
ipv6.ignore-auto-routes:                no
ipv6.ignore-auto-dns:                   no
ipv6.never-default:                     no
ipv6.may-fail:                          yes
ipv6.ip6-privacy:                       -1 (unknown)
ipv6.addr-gen-mode:                     stable-privacy
ipv6.dhcp-send-hostname:                yes
ipv6.dhcp-hostname:                     --
ipv6.token:                             --
serial.baud:                            115200
serial.bits:                            8
serial.parity:                          none
serial.stopbits:                        1
serial.send-delay:                      0
ppp.noauth:                             yes
ppp.refuse-eap:                         no
ppp.refuse-pap:                         no
ppp.refuse-chap:                        no
ppp.refuse-mschap:                      no
ppp.refuse-mschapv2:                    no
ppp.nobsdcomp:                          yes
ppp.nodeflate:                          yes                         yes
ppp.require-mppe:                       no
ppp.require-mppe-128:                   no
ppp.mppe-stateful:                      no
ppp.crtscts:                            no
ppp.baud:                               0
ppp.mru:                                0
ppp.mtu:                                0
ppp.lcp-echo-failure:                   5
ppp.lcp-echo-interval:                  30
gsm.number:                             *99#
gsm.username:                           --
gsm.password:                           <hidden>
gsm.password-flags:                     0 (none)
gsm.apn:                                internet                         --                                <hidden>                          0 (none)
gsm.home-only:                          no
gsm.device-id:                          --
gsm.sim-id:                             --
gsm.sim-operator-id:                    --
proxy.method:                           none
proxy.browser-only:                     no
proxy.pac-url:                          --
proxy.pac-script:                       --

The connected device is a PHS8 modem and has the following properties:

GENERAL.DEVICE:                         cdc-wdm0
GENERAL.TYPE:                           gsm
GENERAL.HWADDR:                         (unknown)
GENERAL.MTU:                            0
GENERAL.STATE:                          20 (unavailable)
GENERAL.CONNECTION:                     --
GENERAL.CON-PATH:                       --

In modem manager I can see that the modem is registered and the signal quality is periodically checked:

ModemManager[2508]: <debug> [1513005666.467413] [mm-broadband-modem.c:9290] enabling_step(): Modem has extended signal reporting capabilities, enabling the Signal interface...
ModemManager[2508]: <debug> [1513005666.468903] [mm-iface-modem-signal.c:206] setup_refresh_context(): Extended signal information reporting disabled (rate: 0 seconds)
ModemManager[2508]: <info>  [1513005666.471579] [mm-iface-modem.c:1431] __iface_modem_update_state_internal(): Modem /org/freedesktop/ModemManager1/Modem/0: state changed (enabling -> registered)
ModemManager[2508]: <debug> [1513005666.498325] [mm-iface-modem.c:1355] periodic_signal_quality_check_enable(): Periodic signal quality checks enabled (interval = 3s)
ModemManager[2508]: <debug> [1513005666.499833] [mm-broadband-modem-qmi.c:2951] load_signal_quality(): loading signal quality...

If I try to connect the device over nmcli I get the following error:

nmcli d connect cdc-wdm0
Error: Failed to add/activate new connection: gsm: GSM mobile broadband connection requires a 'gsm' setting

If I try to stablish the connection on this device, I get the following error:

nmcli c up ModemGSM ifname cdc-wdm0
Error: Connection activation failed: Connection 'ModemGSM' is not available on the device cdc-wdm0 at this time.


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