Re: [PATCH 3/4] devices/wifi: Add the wifi-backend config option


On 7 December 2017 at 08:22, Thomas Haller <thaller redhat com> wrote:
Maybe the documentation should not say:
<literal>wpa_supplicant</literal> is also the default backend.
but instead: "if the setting is missing, it is autodetected.".

-- although for now, it means to always ~detect~ supplicant.

Would it ever make sense that one device is managed by supplicant and
another by iwd? I think it would.

I'm not sure, multiple real wifi devices in one system is generally a
rare situation and it's hard to tell what is expected from the

Maybe this should hence be configured


the [device] section allows to configure settings per-device, like




We currently lookup such configuration via
nm_config_data_get_device_config(). But inside the device-factory you
don't have a NMDevice instance at hand, to make that decision. We would
need a new "nm_config_data_get_device_config_by_ifindex()", to get the
matching parameters from NMPlatform.

We can do this later -- but before 1.12.0 release.

Ok, let's do this in separate patches.  I left the wifi-backend option
in my patches but dropped the documentation piece because it's going
to be temporary.

Best regards

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