[review] dcbw/wifi-scan: delegate connected scanning to wpa_supplicant


Now that all of the major UI clients (GNOME Shell, KDE, nm-applet) have
been updated to request scans when appropriate, stop NM from doing
periodic scans while connected, preferring instead to let the
supplicant decide when to scan based on signal strength thresholds. 
This branch preserves the behavior of not scanning at all when the
connection is locked to a single BSSID (via not sending "bgscan" to the
supplicant config, and preventing all periodic scans when connected).

Explicitly requested scans are of course not prevented when connected.

Yeah, nm-applet should probably update itself asynchronously, like the
OS X Airport menu, but at least it requests scans since 1.8 so it'll be
updated the next time the menu is shown.

nm-applet has requested scans since 1.8, GNOME Shell's applet has
requested scans since 3.23, and KDE's plasma-nm has requested scans
since 5.8.95.  All these UIs were updated mid-April 2017.


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